Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Well, everything went well with the D&C. It sure brought on a roller coaster of emotions. I have no idea how anyone can have an abortion and purposely kill a child at any stage or in any form of development.
Although I knew there was no fetus, the emotions and the changes hormonally were worse than after giving birth or even the 9 months of pregnancy; and anyone who has been pregnant or dealt with a pregnant woman knows what I mean.
With the D&C I had fear, guilt, sadness, shock, comfort, relief, stress, wonder, grief and sorrow, pain both physical and emotional all rolled into a few hours then days and then I had to be on my way with life as normal.
I hope that should anyone have to go through this challenging trial, that you are blessed with great support of a spouse and family as I am. Thank you everyone for the support and love.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

NO Baby

Well we went to the OB today and were extremely disappointed to find out that I have a blighted ovum, no fetus. It's quite an emotional roller coaster, but i'm sure I'll make it throught because I have a wonderful husband and great family. Guess we'll have to try again someday.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Tonight was fun!!!
The kids are here for several hours once a week, and usually Wednesdays. Spencer made brownies from scratch and they were SOOOOOOO yummy!!! We definately need him to double the batch next time. I think I'll have him cook more often since he's so good.
Hey I have a GREAT idea, Spencer cooks and Megan does dishes, mom eats the food. LOL Yeah, I'm a dreamer. ;)

Monday, January 29, 2007

Nikken Total Wellness Consultants

This week has been great!! We have found a total wellness system of wellness technology that has started to change our lives. Coltyn has suffered from reflux for months, and I have suffered for years. I have also suffered from depression which is magnified during pregnancy for me.

We discovered NIKKEN wellness technologies and started on the PiMag water system, which purifies the water, then re-applies the essential minerals with mineral rocks, then magnetizes the water when you pour it into your container for consumption. This allows your body to more readily absorb the water. It has made a huge difference for us all. We also started on the basic supplements and they are increasing our energy. They are designed to be whole food and are amazing, one thing I love is that they could sustain life on just the PiMag water and one supplement (Jade Greenzymes) IF needed because of the complete nutrition.

Coltyn and I no longer take medication and suffer from reflux since starting the water. My skin has improved and no longer looks like a white lizard on my legs, that lotion never could cure. Geary actually drinks water now, and is not relying on juices, pops or other flavored and sugary drinks, which has increased his energy level (and I think helps him sleep better). I am having a lot more energy than I usually have at this stage of pregnancy, which is very nice; and I feel emotionally stable the BONUS- if I start to get nausea I just drink some water and it goes away.

Geary and I commented today how we both have stopped craving sugary foods and salty foods also. I was a chocoholic, and craved it daily, now they just don't sound good. If I do crave a sugar food, I'm able to simply not give into the craving as it is short in duration. THAT is a miracle for me. LOL!

We are working on getting the Total Wellness Home so that we can invest in our health and take a pro-active control of our health, not manage our illness when it comes (and now IF).

If anyone want to know more let me know, I'd be glad to get information to you.

Now if only NIKKEN could help get Coltyn through more teething quickly or painlessly! LOL. guess it's not a Miracle for everything. ;) At lease it's keeping me sane through the rough spots of his growing and maturing body!

Monday, January 22, 2007

The teeth have come

We are happy to say that Coltyn is celebrating his first two teeth Finaly coming in. Now he thinks he's entitled to try any and all big people food. He's not afraid to let you know it either!!! He sure is a happy fun baby.

ARTIST in the Making

Megan and Spencer stayed busy this weekend being creative with "paper doll" stickers, where you create and dress the people. It was lots of fun to see there creativity come alive and the funny things they would say were going on in the pictures. Spencer is holding the "No Boys Allowed" drawing he made for Megan's room; Of course there is one for his "no girls allowed". Spencer's funniest one was putting a mohawk on a teenager he created. Megan (picture) had fun dressing up her friends and class mates. She made up a story also about a pirate trying to kill a girl but a baseball player saved her. Not sure what to think about that one? LOL Her spelling was way cute (pirate= pirit) on that story, good thing she could read it all. ;)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007



Visit this link for pictures, till I figure this photoblogging out. LOL ;)